My G-Spot Is Picky: Tantus G-Spot Vibrator Review

I had been eye-ing this toy for a while. Being a g-spot Queen, I just knew I needed to have the toy that Tantus designated the “G Spot”. I did not however consider that a 1.7 inch diameter meant that the bulbous head was going to be LARGE.

The Basics:

The G-Spot vibrator is made of Tantus’ unique firm silicone formula. It is 1.7 inches in diameter and has an insertable length of 7 inches. The G-Spot has a designated space for a bullet vibrator to be inserted and the kit includes the Tantus Single Speed Waterproof Bullet Vibe. This means that the entire toy, whether being used as a dildo or a vibrator, is waterproof. Although Tantus provides a bullet vibe, you can replace it with any standard sized bullet vibes. Having a hole in the base also means that you can attach a suction cup accessory. Like most Tantus toys, it has a flared base to make it anal safe and harness compatible.

All Tantus toys are handmade and hand poured, which means there will be small variations. For us, we have some purple shading inconsistencies, but we think it gives it a little extra charm.

The Packaging:

Typical fun Tantus packaging. Bullet vibe included. Storage bag not included, although this firm matte silicone seems to pick up less lint than other varieties. Always wash prior to use though!

Using It:

When I first saw this vibrator online, I was so excited about the shape. Do you see that bulbous head? I thought it was going to get me shaking in no time.

When it showed up and I realized how big it actually was, I was a bit sad that it wasn’t going to have the same effect that I was hoping for. I’m starting to know my body quite well, and we weren’t convinced that such a large bulbous head was going to do the trick for me.

This review has taken a long time to write because we keep trying to use it and hoping for better results each time. While it does feel pleasurable, it is a bit underwhelming for my body. It just doesn’t do it for my g-spot. I think that the tip is too smooth and broad to give my required targeted stimulation. It is also too large for me to fit it much farther into my vagina. Despite the large size, it is easy to insert and the angle of the head means it does not get stuck under my pubic bone, which is an excellent trait.

Don’t get me wrong, the toy itself does feel good, but I have been spoiled with other options that target my g-spot better. The Tantus Flurry O2 did an excellent job with its ridges to feel good every use. The G-Spot vibe doesn’t do it for me.

This toy is easy to hold while masturbating or for a partner to hold it. The flared base is solid enough to allow for a decent grip. The toy itself is angled, so there is no need to distort it or bend it to reach the g-spot. It knows where it is supposed to go.

Vibrator: It isn’t the greatest vibrator out there as it has only one speed, but considering it is included with the toy, it is pretty decent. The vibrations do make their way to the tip of the toy, but obviously the intensity is reduced by the time it reaches the head. If you trade up for a stronger vibe (we use the We-Vibe Tango), then the vibrations make a bigger impact. I’m not usually one for internal vibrations, but this one does overall feel really good. The vibrations do add an extra dimension to the toy. I actually preferred to use it with the vibrations, which is not always the case for me.

Tantus G-Spot Vibrator Bullet Vibe Review

Anal: One day when we can fit this in one of our bums we will update the review. It does look like an amazing shape for the prostate though. It looks very similar to the Tantus P-Spot. Has anyone tried it? Let us know in the comments.

Anal Update: The word from an official Tantus representative is that the G-Spot and the P-Spot only differ in colour and vibe-ability. The shape is identical.

Conclusion: We really wanted to love the Tantus G-Spot as it looks like a great shape for my very greedy g-spot. However, we discovered that the tip was too broad for me to receive the required amount of targeted stimulation. The vibration option does allow for more pleasure, and we like that the included bullet vibe is strong but can also be replaced according to your preferences. If you like large firm, broad g-spot stimulation, then this is an excellent option for you. It just doesn’t happen to be the best option for me.

Recommended For: People who enjoy larger toys. People who enjoy broad g-spot stimulation. People who like firm toys.

Not Recommended For: People who want a strong vibration. People who need toy flexibility. People who need smaller targeted g-spot stimulation.

You can purchase the G Spot at Tantus | SheVibe | Sex Toys Canada

Diana Fox

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