The Famous Sqweel XT by Lovehoney (Review)

The Sqweel XT is seemingly a brilliant concept. Giving little licks along someone’s shaft can send them squirming and begging for more. When a toy is designed to ‘lick’ a penis you hope it is going to have some excellent results. We found one… kind of.

Sqweel XT Lovehoney Review Masturbator A Couple of Kinks

The Basics:

The Sqweel XT is considered an oral sex stimulator for men. It has a loop of 10 mini ‘tongues’ that whir around in a circle. The toy should encircle your shaft, and you can move the toy up and down if you want to. It comes with two different sets of silicone tongues, differing in their firmness. It is USB rechargeable and requires 2 hours to charge, which provides 1 hour of usage. There are 3 speeds and 3 patterns and it does have a travel-lock feature. The canal diameter is 2.25 inches while the internal width is 1.75 inches. The entire toy is waterproof.


The Packaging:

The packaging is simple and actually shows off the inside toy. Otherwise, it comes with a USB cable and the two sets of tongues. It comes with a little information packet as well.

Sqweel XT Lovehoney Review Masturbator A Couple of Kinks

The Toy:

We’ve experimented with the Sqweel XT a few times. It is important to try things more than once, because the first time isn’t always a representation of the toy’s abilities. You need time to get used to it, know what to expect and how to handle it properly to get the best results. We never really got to that point. Each time felt like the first time again. “Is this okay?” “What about this?” “Faster?” “More lube?” “Are you okay?”.

From our experience, the softer set of tongues is the better option. It is more gentle, more ‘tongue like’ if you must, although really not like a tongue at all. The harder set of tongues is just too rough. Instead of licking harder, it just makes the whole toy seem much tighter than it actually is.

We figured it is better to properly place the toy and then turn it on instead of trying to place it when it is already whirring in circles. The first setting is probably the most decent setting. It is a one-speed rotation and there is no ‘lag’ created. The second and third settings seem to struggle through use. The larger the penis (ex: at the base vs the head), the more the toy struggles to keep rotating. At certain points, the rotation freezes altogether. The patterns did not seem to enhance the sensation. Mostly, we quizzically looked at each other until we switched them off. 

We’ve attempted this toy at all levels of the penis, including the frenulum, but it did not seem to ever be enjoyable. Right away Andy said: “This will never make me orgasm”. However, we did mention that there was one redeeming quality to it: Andy stayed erect throughout all of the trials. His penis is hyper-sensitive to pain or discomfort, so normally he goes flaccid if something is truly terrible. The Sqweel XT managed to keep him hard throughout.

We do have to say that throughout all of this ‘meh’, the toy itself is incredibly well made. It feels and looks like a high quality toy. It feels nice to hold in your hand and is incredibly easy to maneuver and hold on to. The concept is also totally one-of-a-kind. It is also rechargeable and waterproof, which a lot of toys miss out on due to costs. We are impressed by Lovehoney‘s design, innovation and dedication to making this the best it can be for the first version.

Sqweel XT Lovehoney Review Masturbator A Couple of Kinks

Lubricant: It is recommended to use water-based lubricant because the toy is made of silicone. You can attempt a patch test with other types of lubricant. We personally find that most penis-oriented toys require a lot of lube re-application so we attempt to always use a hybrid lube if possible. Our Sliquid Silk did not cause any damage.

Cleaning: This toy is easy to clean, as it is completely waterproof. The silicone tongue sets pop out of the toy so you can always clean them separately. We would actually suggest to clean them separately because water can get stuck behind them and can take a while to dry.

In Conclusion: The Sqweel XT is such an intriguing toy because it is so unique. It is trying to recreate a sensation that isn’t available with anything else out there on the market. Does is compare to a human tongue? Definitely not. But, that doesn’t mean it is a total write-off. We didn’t personally enjoy it but someone else might like the subtle sensations, or might like using it to tease a partner. It is hard to imagine someone cumming from the Sqweel XT, but please correct us if we are wrong! We think that Lovehoney has an awesome base idea, with an excellent-quality toy, but that it just hasn’t hit its peak yet. We can’t wait to see what the next version will be.

Recommended For: People who have extra income and want to try something totally unique.

Not Recommended For: Honestly, probably most people.

You can purchase the Sqweel XT at Lovehoney US | Lovehoney Canada |  Lovehoney UK SheVibe | PinkCherry

Thank you Peepshow Toys for providing us with a Sqweel XT in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. This toy always interested me, But I felt like I knew exactly what it would feel like and this review just confirms that. Also my partner pointed out that it looks too much you’d be inserting your penis into spinning blades and that killed all desire to try this one out XD.

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