The Luxurious & Versatile Jopen Callie Wand Vibrator (Review)

We were skeptical at first (I mean, there is a rhinestone for goodness sakes). Internal vibrations and broad g-spot stimulation don’t tend to work for me but we were quickly proven wrong. We were pleasantly surprised at the versatility of this vibrator and how often we reach for it.

The Basics:

The Callie Wand Vibrator is part of a Jopen line that oozes class. The white and gold colours make the sleek contour look super luxurious. The Callie Wand is made of satiny silicone with an ABS plastic base. It is completely waterproof and is USB rechargeable. The shape is considered ‘oblong’ and is larger at the tip than the rest of the toy for g-spot stimulation, as well as a slight curve upwards. There are 7 different vibration patterns that are controlled by one button. The one button is unfortunately covered in a rhinestone, but at least it is easy to press and located out-of-the-way. The vibrations only change in one direction, so you have to rotate through the whole selection to switch back.

The toy itself is 8 inches with an insertable length of 6 inches. At its widest, it is 1.5 inches in diameter. It takes 2 hours to charge and can be used for 2 hours on low speed or 1 hour on high speed.

It does not have a flared base, so it is not anal safe.

The Packaging:

The Callie Wand comes with a USB charger. There are care instructions in the user manual, although it was weirdly focused on battery-operated toys and not rechargeable toys. There is no storage pouch.


The Callie wand actually feels really nice upon insertion. I thought it would be awkward to insert because the head it larger than the rest of the body, but with a bit of lubricant it was really easy. The silicone has very little drag to it. The larger head does not pinpoint g-spot stimulation, but it does manage to target the general area for some good vibrations. The wand itself is solid, there is no ability to bend.

Turning off the vibrations, it gives a nice filling sensation. The larger head is kind of an optical illusion for my vagina and makes me feel full despite the toy getting smaller the farther it is inserted.

Turning on the vibrations, I really enjoy some of the pulses. I’m not a huge fan of internal vibes but these aren’t too overwhelming while still giving power (the Lovehoney Desire Vibrator is much more powerful). The solid patterns don’t do much for me, but the alternating patterns provide a nice tease for my g-spot. Using the vibrations while thrusting the toy is the only way for me to orgasm, but that says more about my body than the toy itself. Thankfully, the shape makes it easy to thrust. The button is right at the bottom and is not at risk of being pressed by accident. It is a nice bonus that the toy is less bulky towards the bottom as it makes it easier to hold.

Clit Vibe:

I am seriously impressed that this worked as a clit vibe. I almost prefer it to when it is inserted. It provides wide rumbly vibrations and the handle makes it incredibly easy to position and change settings. The wide head gives a unique feature for broad sensation, but the oblong shape does provide some pinpoint stimulation if you hold it with the tip directly touching your clit. If you’re only looking for a clit vibe, then I wouldn’t suggest such a large toy, but if you enjoy both internal and external stimulation, then this toy can do both.

Cleaning: It is completely waterproof, so you will have no issues with cleaning it. However, it is a white toy, which means that every single piece of dust will be noticeable.


The Jopen Callie Wand Vibrator is a great toy for both internal and external stimulation if you like to alternate between the two. It isn’t the most powerful, but it does provide nice bold patters that you will feel along your g-spot, and nice rumbly vibrations you will feel along your clitoris. It looks and feels luxurious, and despite the white colour attracting dirt, it gives a special feel when selecting it to use. Being waterproof and USB rechargeable definitely gives bonus points.

Recommended For: People who alternate between internal and external stimulation. People who enjoy large heads for broad stimulation. People who prefer luxurious-looking toys.

Not Recommended For: People who are power Queens. People who like to alternate often between different vibrational patterns.

You can purchase the Jopen Callie Wand from: Good Vibrations | SheVibe | Pink Cherry

Diana Fox

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